Storm Damage Electrical Repairs

Thunderstorms and ice storms are two of the most common, and widespread, forms of severe weather that take place in Michigan. Lightning, wind, and downed tree branches alone cause many of the storm related problems affecting homeowners.

Who is Responsible for Storm Damage Electrical Repairs?

The utility company is only responsible for the power cable that extends from the power pole to the point of service on your home or business. If the point of attachment is the service mast (metal pipe coming out of the meter can), then the repair is the home owner's responsibility.

When repairs fall to the responsibility of the owner, Hartland Electric is equipped to get your power running again without worry. We can make the repairs needed, re-attach the utility line, and get your power back up in no time.

Most damage caused by thunderstorms and ice ice storms is classified as an "Act of God." As such, you cannot be singled out by your homeowner's insurance company for a rate increase because you filed a claim. Insurance companies can increase premiums for everyone in an area that is susceptible to storm damage though, so make sure to use your insurance if you think that you may have storm damage that requires storm damage electrical repairs.

Our Storm Damage Electrical Repair Services

Hartland Electric is your source for professional and friendly storm damage electrical repairs; contact us today to schedule your service.