Solar Incentives

Michigan Solar Rebates and Incentives

Installing solar-derived energy systems requires an upfront cost that can be intimidating for individuals. There are a host of state and federal incentives to make solar energy more affordable, in addition to the reduction in energy expense over time that solar power generates. If you are considering solar power for your home and business, it's important to be aware of the available solar incentives.

DTE Solar Incentives

DTE offers a Distributed Generation program for customers with on-site energy generation. This allows you to offset your energy costs with any excess energy produced by your system, without losing access to traditional energy, ensuring you save money and always have the energy you need.

Federal Tax Credit Solar Incentives

In addition to partnerships with local energy companies, individuals who decide to install a solar power system receive a significant tax write-off. This rate, subject to change from year to year, is currently 26% for those who pay for a system up front. This poses a significant savings for customers who invest in this technology.

Please Note
You should confirm the availability of the incentives and consult your tax advisor about the financial benefits you may be eligible for. In addition to incentives and write-offs, there are a host of flexible financing arrangements available to make your solar-electric unit more affordable

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