Shore Power Installation

During the warm spring and summer months, many people spend their time on the water or beach. There is nothing quite like relaxing near the water on a clear day. The only thing missing is electricity for your necessities. There are many reasons to install shore power, including:

  • Powering Electronics: Utilize plugs and outlets to easily charge and power a variety of electrical equipment and appliances, including cell phones, radios and MP3 players, batteries, fans, blenders, and other small appliances.
  • Providing Dock Lighting: Increase safety and usability of your shore area with lights for your dock and beach front area.
  • Powering Boat Lifts: Gain fast and easy boat storage without the need to manually raise and lower your boat.
  • Ensuring Shore Power: Provide power to the electrical equipment on boats that include a power adapter.

Hartland Electric has the experience, training, and equipment to properly install shore power that safely provides you with all the electricity you need. We can expertly run GFIs from your home to your dock.

Enhance your lakeside living by installing the shore power you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for shore power installation.