Salem, MI Electrician

Hartland Electric is dedicated to serving our local community, including the Salem area. From electrical installations and repairs, to troubleshooting any and all electrical problems, as your Salem, MI electricians, we do it all! Our licensed and certified professional electricians handle all residential and commercial services.

Salem Electrician Services:

    Residential Electrician Services

    Even the smallest electrical issues can be quite a difficult task. Our home electricians are here to educate our customers, and assist them with making the best decisions for all their unique home electrical needs. We offer a complete selection of Salem, MI electrical repairs and services, including:

    Commercial Electrician Services

    Your business' time is valuable, so any suspension or disruption in electrical service means a loss in productivity and revenue. That's why at Hartland Electric we provide solutions to all your commercial electrical needs. Our Salem, MI electrician services include:

    Some of the Salem, MI electrician services we have recently provided to the Salem, MI area are:

    Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

    As a home ages the electrical connections and wiring may deteriorate or become disconnected, causing power outages in a circuit that otherwise functions properly. Troubleshooting electrical circuits in a home, new or old, is something we do every day, so if this is out of your comfort level, call in the Master and we will repair in no time. There is a value to your time and our experience.

    Generator Hook-Up with Automatic Transfer Switch

    Having a generator wired-in with an automatic switch is a convenient and safe way to make sure your family is well taken care of during a power outage. We recently installed one of our great Generac Stand-Alone Generators in your area. Don't be left in the dark.

    Complete Home Surge Protector Installed

    The optimal location for surge protection installation is at the point where your electrical service enters your home. A complete home surge protector will reduce voltage surges to an acceptable level for your appliances and surge strips, reducing the likelihood that a surge will damage your valuable electronics and appliances.

    Circuits and Wiring Installed

    Need a 120 volt electrical circuit run to a area where there is currently no power? Do you want a power outlet in a location that isn’t large enough for your needs and you want to upsize it to a 220 volt circuit? We have installed electrical circuits in many homes throughout your local cities and townships.

    Electrical Panel Replacement

    Today's electrical panels meet the most current safety standards, and a main service replacement can eliminate hassles and bring your home up to code. There are many reasons to replace your electrical panel with a new one, Get rid of old fuse boxes and make your home safe with electrical breakers.

    Insurance Inspection

    When a power surge damages your home or business, it is likely that your insurance company will require an electrical inspection. Hartland Electric’s master electrician will come to your home; verify the damage; inspect your home’s wiring, outlets, switches, electrical panel(s), and breakers; and provide a detailed report to both you and your insurance company.

    Ceiling Fans

    Thinking of installing a new ceiling fan in your home? Request a professional to diagnose the specific requirements for the installation of your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are major appliances, that operate hanging over your head, and can be a serious hazard if not installed properly.

    Installing Solar

    Every system is unique, whether you want Grid Tied solar, Stand Alone solar with batteries, or a Hybrid (solar panels with a Generac generator). At Hartland Electric LLC., we work as a team of Solar Site Surveyors, Engineers, Renewable Energy Specialists, Electricians, and Installers to deliver a complete turnkey operation all the way down to permits and forms to the township or city. We have experience installing solar panels on homes in your city and the surrounding communities. Hartland Electric LLC. is N.A.B.C.E.P certified solar installer and knowledgeable of the entire DTE SolarCurrents program.

    Commercial and Industrial Electrical Service

    Hartland Electric offers a wide range of services for both Commercial and Industrial applications. We understand that no two industries or facilities are alike, and power needs can vary greatly. We have knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries. We are an Eaton Certified Contractor, so all electric fixtures and parts we use are of the highest quality in the electrical industry. We put our name and reputation behind every service and installation we perform and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

    Contact us today to learn more about our Salem, MI electrician services and to schedule an appointment.