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Michigan is a great state for solar because of its cooler climate. The efficiency of solar panels decreases with the higher temperatures, like those in Florida or California. Michigan's climate almost offsets the sunlight hours compared to sunnier states.

Solar panels (arrays of photovoltaic cells) make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy. A solar panel, simply put, is a collection of solar cells. They work together to supply electricity for various uses. A single cell does not have the capacity for generating a lot of electricity, so multiple cells are connected together to increase the capacity. how many cells depends on the amount of electricity required. The more light available to the solar panels the greater the amount of electricity they can supply.
NABCEP Photovoltaic Entry Level Exam
PV systems use semi-conductors and sunlight to make electricity. The more solar modules a PV system has, the more electricity will be generated. DC electricity can be “inverted” into alternating current (AC), so it can be a useable power for a home or business, which can off-set or even eliminate the electric bill.


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Each and every system will be different whether you want Grid Tied, Stand Alone, Hybrid, or Direct Motor. At Hartland Electric LLC., we work with a team of Site Surveyors, Engineers, Renewable Energy Specialists, Electricians, and Installers to deliver a complete turn key operation all the way down to permits and forms to the township or city.

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