Manual Transfer Switch

When your power goes out, you want your generator to turn on safely and easily. A manual transfer connects to your household wiring, allowing you to easily transition from your primary energy source to your backup power. At Hartland Electric, our experienced technicians provide you with reliable manual transfer switch installation for your home.

Benefits of a Manual Transfer Switch

  • Easy to Use: With a manual transfer switch, you are able to turn on and power your portable generator with a flip of a switch.
  • Convenient: Instead of having to connect your generator to a bulky extension cord during a power outage, your manual transfer switch is ready when you need it.
  • Safe: Without a transfer switch installed to your generator you could risk damage to your home or yourself. Our professional installation provides you with a safe and easy way to power your home.

At Hartland Electric, we provide you with professional manual transfer switch installation for your portable generator. In the case of a power emergency, you can transition from utility power to generator power, quickly, easily, and safely.

For your portable generator, you need manual transfer switch installation you can trust. Call or contact us today.