Main Distribution Panel


When it comes to distribution panels, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, as no two industries or manufacturing facilities are alike, and power needs can vary greatly. With the many types and brands of electrical distribution equipment presently used in the industry, you need a qualified expert to select and install your main distribution panel. Hartland Electric has become a recognized partner through the Eaton Certified Contractor Network (ECCN). Eaton’s electrical group offers the widest selection of switchboard types in the industry.

What is a Main Distribution Panel?

MDP Panel

Main Distribution panels (also known as load centers, switch boards, and motor contol centers) are cabinets that house and separate subsidiary/branch circuits in addition to providing each circuit with protective fuses or circuit breakers.

At Hartland Electric, we build our switchboards based on the individual needs of the client, providing the flexibility needed to accommodate your specific power distribution needs. We offer everything from simple 800A switchboards to the more complex, web-enabled Eaton switchboards.

Don’t need a new load center? We can provide a service that parallels the safety practices and standards employed in your facility. Hartland Electric can work with your schedule of operations to implement the upgrades or repairs needed in a way that will not stop production or slow daily quotas.

Hartland Electric Provides:

  • Service upgrades
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Installation of new breakers or bucket switches
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Testing and certification of your electrical equipment

    • Hartland Electric’s electricians are fully trained and have the experience needed to expertly:

      MDP Controls

      • Read and interpret electrical schematics
      • Understand, test, and troubleshoot motor controls
      • Troubleshoot, repair, replace, and upgrade all types of electrical circuits
      • Interpret and apply National Electrical Code (NEC)
      • Work with High Voltage
      • Work with Three Phase Circuits
      • Install, repair, and replace generators
      • Work with transformers
      • Work with switchgear

      If your company's production line goes down because of an electrical malfunction, it can literally cost the company tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Call Hartland Electric for your Service Contract Agreement or schedule an appointment for our guaranteed main distribution panel repair.