Hot Tub Wiring Installation

Hot tub wiring installation can be a large hassle due to code regulations, potential dangers, and confusing electrical wiring. Because 220V-240V hot tubs require more electricity, it’s important that these are properly wired and installed according to the following:

  • Code Regulations: The National Electrical Code is the adoptable standard for electrical safety. Inspections are required by a licensed electrician to ensure that all electrical wiring meets code regulations to protect you and your property. Hartland Electric has certified electricians that will determine if your hot tub wiring is up to code.
  • Building Permits: A permit is required to install permanent electrical wiring and add circuits in your home or business. Our licensed electricians make sure that the necessary permits are obtained.
  • Owner’s Manual: Every piece of electrical equipment should be wired and installed by carefully following the instructions in the owner’s manual. We check to make sure the proper steps are being taken because we take pride in doing things the right way.

Hot tub wiring installation must be done by a qualified electrician to avoid electrocution and damage to the equipment. Our licensed and experienced electricians take care of your hot tub wiring installation in a safe and professional matter. We believe in the quality and professionalism of our work, and all electrical services are 100% guaranteed.

Don’t let the daunting task of a hot tub wiring installation keep you from enjoying your new spa. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or service.