Getting Started with Solar

Saving Money with Solar Power

Energy costs continue to rise, and it is becoming increasingly important to utilize alternate energy sources. Hartland Electric helps you harness the power of solar energy for your home and business with expert installation and service.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

  • A solar panel consists of many cells made of treated silicon - each one collecting solar radiation and converting it into usable electricity.
  • Multiple solar panels are wired together to form a solar array. The electrical output from the array travels through wires to an inverter, which is normally located near your breaker box.
  • The inverter then converts the electricity provided by the solar array into Alternating Current (AC), from Direct Current (DC). The AC is now usable electricity and is used to run your TVs, appliances, computers, etc.

By installing a solar array you can capture the sunlight bouncing off of your roof and harness it into energy, lowering your electric bill and greenhouse emissions.

Don't wait to start saving with solar power. Contact Hartland Electric today to harness renewable energy for your home or business.