Generator Installation

Over a month+ time period we had several different companies come in and create a quote to install a generator to feed our home. We started each in-home estimate by explaining what we were looking for based on our needs and that we weren’t necessarily looking to have the whole house run off the generator. We were surprised at how many of the companies went straight for estimating a generator to feed the entire house when we explained it wasn’t what we were looking for. In an attempt to get one or two last estimates, we called around on a Sunday and within minutes Hartland Electric called us back (yes, on a Sunday…talk about customer service!). We scheduled the in-home estimate and it was a refreshing surprise right off the bat as the estimator, Jeff, listened to what we had to say and worked the quote around our needs. In addition, he explained as he reviewed the home what was needed and why in a way that we could follow. This even included the need for a whole home surge protector which he worked with us on ($$$) to stay within our budget. Needless to say, we booked our installation that day. The actual installation day went without a hitch. All of the installers (electrical, gas, etc…) were diligent, professional and very kind and courteous to us and our home. The generator has been installed and we are very happy with it and our choice of Hartland Electric.