Garage Power

Garage Wiring

Garages are a popular spot for creating a home workshop, but are often not equipped with the electrical power needed to safely and effectively run the necessary equipment. Hartland Electric can install upgraded wiring in your garage to accommodate your home workshop dreams.

Benefits of Increased Garage Power

Improving your garage's electrical structure allows for increased function so you can realize your home workshop vision. Benefits include:

  • Additional plugs for increased appliance use
  • 220v amps for heavy-duty equipment
  • Increased lighting for greater visibility
  • Reduced cord clutter
  • Improved safety
  • And more

With the correct power, your garage workshop will have you equipped for welding and cutting in no time. Our Hartland Electric professionals ensure your electrical system is up for the job, with safety and efficiency as the cornerstones of your system.

Get powered for your dream home workshop today. Hartland Electric has the expertise to amplify your garage power for any job. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.