Explosion Proof Electrical Wiring

Explosion Proof

In some situations, it is important for electrical wiring to be protected from the surrounding environment to ensure safe operation. Areas that routinely contain flammable gasses or vapors, dusts, or flying particles should be protected from accidental ignition from electrical sources. Examples of locations requiring explosion proof electrical installations include:

  • Grain elevators
  • Flour & feed mills
  • Producers of starch/candies
  • Spice-grinding plants, cocoa plants, & sugar plants
  • Cotton seed mills & flax processing plants
  • Textile mills & cotton gins
  • Plants that shape, pulverize, or cut wood & create sawdust or filings
  • Dry cleaning plants
  • Spray finishing areas
  • Plants that manufacture/use/store aluminum or magnesium powders
  • Coal preparation plants & other carbon handling/processing areas
  • Producers of plastics, medicines, & fireworks
  • Aircraft hangars & fuel servicing areas
  • Petroleum refineries & gasoline storage/dispensing areas
  • Utility gas plants & areas that store/handle liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas
  • And more

These types of situations require explosion proof wiring and fixtures. Electrical wiring completed in any of the above applications should only be performed by experienced and trained electricians. These electrical components could potentially be a source of ignition through:

  • Arcs & sparks
  • High temperature
  • Electrical equipment failure

Hartland Electric’s professional electricians have the knowledge and experience to install explosion proof wiring and fixtures in any facility or environment. Contact us today for an inspection of your facility and our professional electricians will make recommendations to maintain the safety of your operations.