Energy Efficient Lighting

White Fluorescent light

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Energy efficient lighting is lighting that is updated to the 21st century in both technology and efficiency. This new technology allows us to save energy in an area that is over looked each day. By evaluating fixtures, style, and wattage of lamps you may be able to save up to 50% on your lighting bill and increase your usable lighting output within your office or shop. By adding motion sensors or management devices throughout your office or shop will allow you to increase your efficient savings even more.  

Motion Sensors are devices that control the on/off of the lighting
device or devices. There are many ways to approach these needs. Here
at Hartland Electric we can evaluate all circumstances and make an
informed decision what will be the best application for the task
that you are trying to accomplish with your lighting. There are
sensors that mount in the wall, on the light fixtures themselves or
in ceiling tiles. There are energy management systems and devices
that can be integrated in to your computer network system that
allows you control and monitoring of your entire buildings lighting
and energy consumption at all times, or just set a program to
maintain a certain amount of lights to be on or off when and where
you want.

 Emergency lighting and exit lighting can add up in energy use. At
Hartland Electric LLC we suggest that a qualified electrician look
at and evaluated all fixtures, if they have incandescent or halogen
lights we have retrofit LED kits for almost all styles. These
fixtures run 24/7 and never turn off so a considerable amount of
energy can be saved.

Call us for an appointment and we can provide:

  • Turnkey lighting upgrades and sales
  • Lease programs
  • Engineering and design
  • Energy audit and ROI reports
  • Federal E-Pact 2005 program

Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • Linear Fluorescent
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • High Bay Fluorescent
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Exit and
    Emergency Lights

  • Energy Management
    Systems and Devices

Does your facility still have any of these energy wasters?

  • T12 fluorescent lamps with magnetic or electronic ballasts
  • 1st generation 700 series T8s with generic electronic ballasts
  • Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Fixtures
  • Fluorescent or incandescent exit signs
  • Standard halogen MR16, PAR30 or PAR38 accent lighting/li>
  • Typical incandescent light bulbs 

Stadium Light

Do you have a light fixture like this on to the right?  It’s a high bay style fixture that
requires a lamp size of 400 watts. It will cost you $10.80 a month
to run this (1) light for 10 hours per day. This cost was figured at
.09 cents a kWh used.

Definition of what a kWh is: This is what everyone is trying to save.

  • The unit kWh is a unit of energy, which is power
    multiplied by time.
  • Multiply the power of the equipment (measured in W or
  • By the time used (measured in h) and you get the
    energy in kWh.
  • Only the W (Watt) is capitalized, the k (kilo = 1000)
    prefix and the time unit h (hour) are not.