Electrical Inspections & Maintenance

Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections are an important part of purchasing and owning a home or business. When you have a property inspected by a highly trained electrical inspector you are able to make an informed choice on the state of the electrical system prior to purchase. Or, if you already own a building, they can save you money by discovering issues before they become a problem and provide the maintenance you need.

It is crucial that electrical inspections & maintenance services are completed on a scheduled basis. Annual electrical inspections & maintenance should be performed on the following equipment :

  • Electrical panels, switchboards, and section cabinets
  • Electric equipment is to be examined for cleanliness
  • Cables or other electric equipment are still in the original position
  • Conduit penetrations are still in good condition
  • No evidence of overheating, burning or tracking
  • Measuring equipment and checking specifications
  • Mechanical ventilation, if required, operates
  • Over current protection devices checked for its rating and settings
  • Contacts and arc screens, on all devices checked and reconditioned or replaced
  • Movable parts of all electrical devices are to be opened and closed then tested
  • Check all electrical connection points for tightness
  • Thermograph aids may be considered to detect hot spots
  • Inspection of batteries, the condition of connections, hold downs, ventilation and the tray tightness
  • Computer monitored electrical system checks for specifications
  • Proper circuit insulation measurement and wire sizing
  • All circuits are to be subject to insulation measurements for comparison with the insulation recordings previously established.
  • Circuit interlocks tested.
  • Over current protective devices are to be tested.
  • Electronic protective devices for generators and large consumers tested
  • The operation of all emergency sources of power tested, including their automatic devices

Hartland Electric employs a team of highly skilled electricians trained specifically to inspect electrical equipment. Contact us today to schedule your electrical inspection.