Electrical Code Violations

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) makes the standards for which all codes and laws regarding electrical wiring and has them compiled in a book, the National Electrical Code (NEC,) that is nearly 1500 pages. Due to the dangers associated with electrical work, in most areas it can only be carried out by licensed electricians, property owners are required to have permits to complete commercial and home improvement projects, and inspections performed by licensed electrical inspectors may be required.

Electrical code violations can cause you all sorts of grief, not to mention cost you money.

If an inspection uncovers any electrical code violations the property owner must have them repaired and may incur fines. Having construction done is nerve-wracking enough without having the inspector cite you for electrical code violations you never dreamt existed.

Hartland Electric, your solution to electrical code violations.

Code Violations

Hartland Electric’s team of licensed and experienced electricians ensures that you avoid electrical code violations by making sure that the job is done to code the first time. In addition, our skilled and knowledgeable electricians can help you get your electrical code violations back into compliance. Some standard electrical code violations we are experienced in correcting include:

  • Panels with improperly identified circuits
  • Overloaded circuits and outlets
  • Faulty or nonfunctioning Emergency/Exit lights
  • No GFCI protection installed
  • Improper wire and breaker size on circuits
  • Incorrectly grounded metal boxes
  • Insufficient quantity of plugs
  • And more.

Electrical code violations can mean time consuming and costly repairs, as well as fines. Hartland Electric will use their electrical code expertise to safeguard your property, protect the people using your facilities, and avoid violations. Contact us today to discuss your electrical projects.