Electrical Code Violations

Electrical code violations can stop building projects in their tracks, and correcting identified violations as quickly as possible is important to your project and bottom line. With the complexity of electrical codes and the stringent application of procedures, it's important to ensure you work with the best when dealing with code violations, and preventing them in the first place. Hartland Electric uses only certified electricians to carry out our work and repairs, ensuring trustworthy work, every time.

Resolve Electrical Code Violations

Electrical code violations cost time, money, and grief. Hartland Electric’s team of licensed and experienced electricians ensures that you avoid electrical code violations in the first place by making sure that the job is done to code from the start. If you have the unfortunate experience of electric code violations in the midst of your project, our skilled and knowledgeable electricians can help you get back into compliance. Some standard electrical code violations we are experienced in correcting include:

  • Panels with improperly identified circuits
  • Overloaded circuits and outlets
  • Faulty or nonfunctioning Emergency/Exit lights
  • No GFCI protection installed
  • Improper wire and breaker size on circuits
  • Incorrectly grounded metal boxes
  • Insufficient quantity of plugs
  • And more.

Code Violations

Electrical code violations can mean time consuming and costly repairs, as well as fines. Hartland Electric will use their electrical code expertise to safeguard your property, protect the people using your facilities, and avoid violations.

Go to the experts to handle your electrical code violations. Contact Hartland Electric today to discuss your electrical needs.