Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Hartland Electric remains on the forefront of emerging technology, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, car chargers and solar awning systems. With the increasing number of electric cars being introduced, Hartland Electric is ready to assist you regarding this groundbreaking green technology. Depending on your preference, Hartland Electric can install a system that utilizes traditional electricity, solar power, or a combination of both.

Residential Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charge DockNew systems are being introduced including the EV charging system, which is small enough to mount on the interior of a garage wall. this allows you to recharge your vehicle at your convenience, regardless of weather conditions. Another available option is the installation of a solar charging station or car port, freeing up garage space if necessary.

Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charge DockThese solar charging stations include high-traffic areas such as mall parking lots and other locations where a higher volume of vehicles will normally converge. These will allow two cars to be connected at once, and also offer automatic billing systems for quick and easy payments. Smart phone applications will also be available to help you locate charging stations easily if you find your vehicle in need of a charge. These applications will also allow you to monitor the charge of your car at all times.

Solar Awnings

Electric Vehicle Charge DockAvailable for both residential and commercial applications, these solar awnings offer a myriad of options to promote the use of clean renewable energy to help power tomorrow's transportation. Hartland Electric can provide several different sizes and styles of solar awnings to fit the needs of your project, built around superior design, materials and performance.

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