Commercial Electrician

Installations and Repairs of Commercial Buildings

Commercial Work Station

Your business needs trusted professionals to keep your business running with reliable electrical systems. No two industries or facilities are alike, and power needs can vary greatly. Hartland Electric offers a wide range of installation and repair services for both commercial and industrial electrical needs. We have knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries. We are an Eaton Certified Contractor, so electric fixtures and parts we use are of the highest quality in the electrical industry. We put our name and reputation behind every service and installation we perform and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Manufactured engineering gives us the unique ability to analyze any commercial or industrial project, plant layout, or equipment. We can then design and install the most efficient power structure and cabling for maximum productivity.

Hartland Electric specializes in a variety of products and we can install and repair all types of electrical items in your commercial property to help your business run more efficiently.

Your Commercial Electrician Experts

Hartland Electric’s electricians are well trained and competent to:

  • Read and interpret electrical schematics
  • Understand, test and troubleshoot motor controls
  • Troubleshoot, repair, replace, and upgrade all types of electrical circuits
  • Be familiarized with National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Work with high voltage
  • Work with three phase circuits
  • Install and repair generators
  • Work with transformers
  • Work with switchgear

Building Automated Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems are computer systems designed and integrated specifically for the automated control and monitoring of significant energy consumption systems, such as heating, ventilation and lighting installations.


We install all conduits, circuits, and wiring to run the main electrical panel throughout your business, connecting the various outlets and switches to operate lights, appliances and other electrical equipment in designated areas of the commercial property.

Code Violations Repairs

Code Violation

Hartland Electric works with our customers to resolve any violations they may be facing in relation to their electrical service to bring your building back up to code.

Commercial Generators

We provide full-service installation of all commercial generators to ensure your business remains fueled in the event of severe weather or troubled transmission lines.

Electrical Engineering and Design

Hartland Electric and our Electrical Engineers have the ability to provide accurate, quick, and cost effective designing services.

Electrical System Inspection

Need your electrical system inspected? Our master electricians perform system inspections that are recognized by many insurance companies, building code officials, and mortgage companies to give you the assurance you need.

Explosion Proof Electrical Installation

In locations where hazardous materials such as flammable gases, vapors, or dusts are present, we provide explosion proof electrical equipment to ensure the safety of your site.

Equipment and Machine Hook-Ups

We have everything you need for all your large equipment and machine hook-up needs! Specialty machines, generators, controls, automated systems, equipment power drops, process lines, or buss ducts are no problem for Hartland Electric’s trained electricians.


Efficient lighting provides illumination and comes in many shapes and sizes, for a wide variety of uses, both inside and outside.

Low Volt Wiring

Need to update your communication portal with Cat 5/6 cabling or commercial telephone wiring? We provide low volt wiring to get your computer and phone networks working more efficiently.

Main Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

Hartland Electric expertly installs your main distribution panel, or switch gear, to serve as a supply point for all the electric circuits in your business.

Power Factor Correction

Advantageously locating power factor correction devices throughout the facility can provide many benefits, including reduced electric utility bills, increased system capacity, improved voltage, and reduced losses.

Service Contract Agreement

Save time, energy and money with a Service Contract Agreement. Place Hartland Electric on speed-dial and get a single point of contact to increase service delivery methods.

Sign Service and Repairs

Bucket Truck and Lift Services for your hard to reach lighted road signs, pole signs, and building signs are a method of displaying your company logo while allowing your customers a way to locate your building.

Surge Protectors

We install complete surge protection to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes and power surges, keeping your equipment safe.

Time Clocks and Photo Cell Installations

Energy code compliance lighting control panels (with a scheduled automatic shut-off) remain the most cost-effective solution for energy code compliance in common areas such as lobbies, hallways, warehouse spaces, site lighting and signage. Hartland Electric installs these devices to lower your energy usage and save you money.

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