Chandelier Services

Don't risk your life climbing tall ladders and balancing precariously trying to reach a swinging chandelier.

Chandelier services

Chandeliers are often hung on ceilings over 17 foot tall, while the typical home owner's ladder is 12 foot tall or less. In general, a person who is 5 ft. 6 in. tall, with a vertical reach of 12 inches can only safely reach 16 feet on a 12 foot ladder. In addition, chandeliers are often positioned over stairways making them even more difficult and dangerous to reach. Hartland Electric offers a wide range of professional chandelier services that will keep your chandelier looking great and working properly, all while keeping you safely on the floor.

Chandelier Bulb Changing & Cleaning

Cleaning or changing bulbs in chandeliers hung from ceilings over 17 feet or in double high foyer entries can be a dangerous process. With Hartland Electric's chandelier bulb changing service, we make replacing bulbs easy. Whether your chandelier has one burnt out bulb or if you want to upgrade all your bulbs to the more efficient and longer lasting LED light bulbs, we can make the needed changes quickly and safely. In addition, we offer chandelier cleaning services to remove dust and other debris and polish surfaces, making your chandelier shine.

Chandelier Installation

Chandeliers add a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home. We have extensive experience in installing new chandeliers. We work with chandeliers of any weight and can safely mount and wire them, even on cathedral ceilings. If you're looking to add a new chandelier, or replace your current outdated fixture with an updated modern one, we're your source for high quality chandelier installation.

Chandelier Repairs

Not only do we install chandeliers, we also repair and service them. We offer a wide range of chandelier repairs, from rewiring sockets to converting your chandelier to UL. Over time, using larger than recommended bulbs can cause overheating which makes wire insulation brittle. We have the experience needed to diagnose your chandelier wiring issues and repair them.

Hartland Electric is your source for all chandelier services, from installation and repair to bulb changing and repairs. Contact us today to schedule your chandelier service appointment.