Ceiling Fan Installation

The electricians at Hartland Electric are professionals at diagnosing the specific needs for the installation of your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are major appliances that operate hanging over your head, and this can be a serious hazard if not installed properly. At Hartland Electric we never cut corners, and we ensure that every job is done right.
Ceiling Fan
No matter the height of the room, the electricians at Hartland Electric have specialized ladders to reach any location. Do you have an old pull chain fan? We can easily install a remote control for it. Even if you want to start from scratch, we can run wiring and install a ceiling anywhere you need.

Our Hartland Electric's home electricians can have your new ceiling fan installed and running in no time! Call Hartland Electric at (810) 632-2004 for your next ceiling fan installation.

How Ceiling Fans Cool Your House

A great misconception is that ceiling fans reduce the temperature in a room. When in fact that is incorrect. If you run your fan in the summertime, it should be rotating counter-clockwise. This evaporates moisture from the air and makes the room feel colder than it really is. This is cost and energy efficient, allowing you to reduce the use of your air conditioner.

In the winter months, you can save money on heating costs by setting your fan to a clockwise rotation. This forces the warm air down into the living-space. Therefore you can adjust your thermostat accordingly, optimizing your cost and energy efficiency.